As we enter 2023, we need to slow down and ask ourselves important questions about how we do our work if we want to see different outcomes. 

How are you building your cultural humility? What are your areas of weakness?

How are you decolonizing your approach to community engagement?

How are you actively practicing anti-racism in your work? 

How do we make this work part of our life?

Building these mindsets and bringing them into our work is no easy task. But our movements need us to be intentional and build together. 

We will go farther if we go together.

Our team at the On Canada Project has partnered with Equal Futures Network, a CanWaCH initiative, to design a resource that helps community leaders, communications practitioners, and social media managers level up their digital communications and public engagement strategies. 

We are excited to welcome you to our online learning course: Designing Digital Dialogue: Communications for Systems Change!

This is not just a course, it’s a learning community. This learning community has three components:

  1. Six community connections sessions designed to help us connect virtually to learn together, strategize and support each other as we implement our learnings, and build connections. 
  2. An entry-level online course that helps us build a shared language around justice, equity, and inclusion & shares insights from community leaders on how to effectively and authentically connect and communicate as you build a community around your mission
    1. Great for teams looking for accessible learning opportunities to do together. Discounts are available for nonprofit and grassroots community leaders!
  3. A discord community that connects all participants and makes it easy to share resources and ask for support and feedback as we learn and build together.

Learn more about the approach we’ve taken to navigate this learning community here and how we came up with the content by clicking here

This work is a team sport

Effective and inclusive communications and community engagement is the work of the entire organization, not just the communications manager. How we connect with communities externally starts with reflection and critical conversations internally. 

Our first cohort fostered a sense of community, and learning together! They left their individual silos to come together to both navigate the course, but also learn from each other’s experiences. 

We will continue this work, and dive into important conversations together, with bi-weekly sessions that include:

  • Understanding Self and the roles we take on as we work towards Collective Liberation with DJ of New Room
  • Intentionally Integrating Ancestral Accountability into your work with Chúk Odenigbo from Future Ancestors Services.
    • We are offering a session fully in French on March 8th! 
  • Effective and accessible approaches to JEDI (un)learning for nonprofits 
  • Building a framework for stronger cultural humility and awareness on your teams
  • Designing communities around healing and joy: How can we harness art and culture-building in our community engagement work 

Calendar invites to all sessions will be shared with all enrolled students. 

This learning community is for you.

If you work in communications, stakeholder engagement, community organizing, or manage teams that do this work, we are here to:

  • Hold space for reflection and critical discussion around justice, equity, and inclusion that isn’t always available in the workplace
  • Help you build a practice of self-reflection to unpack and understand your power and privilege 
  • Share tools and resources that help us have more difficult conversations in our teams so that we can show up more authentically for our communities 
  • Create opportunities to hear from other leaders for how they are navigating challenges in community outreach, partnerships building, and communications so we can share strategies and build together 

Through this learning community, you can expect to leverage the power of digital communications to work together, strategically, to have a shared voice on systems change. 

If you are interested in learning more about the course, you can find additional clips from our community webinar, and sign up here.

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