Territory Acknowledgement

The Equal Futures Network acknowledges that Indigenous peoples are the traditional guardians of Turtle Island, on the land also known as Canada. We recognize their long standing and ongoing relationship with this territory, which includes unceded and traditional land, and acknowledge our duty to walk with and alongside reconciliation and decolonization efforts. 

We recognize that keepers of traditional Indigenous knowledge can be found in every community. 

We believe that as settlers on this land, we have a responsibility to continually engage along our journey to meaningfully enact allyship, to reassess and reconsider our positionality in the spaces we occupy, and to use our voice to speak out against systemic injustices experienced by Indigenous peoples.

Reconciliation is an ongoing process, requiring unlearning colonial practices, history and relearning our shared past, present and future. We are committed to working in partnership to pursue a more inclusive, collaborative and respectful path forward grounded in the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Our Feminism

The Equal Futures Network is committed to advancing gender equity, equality, women’s* rights and promoting the health, rights and well being of all through feminist means. We strive to emphasize and embody feminist principles throughout all of the work that we do. We use the term feminist to broadly refer to individuals, collectives and organizations that work within women’s or other social movements that promote and work towards the inclusion, safety, equality, justice, rights and dignity of women, girls, adolescents, 2SLGTBQ people and people with disabilities. We believe that a feminist approach is a process and we are committed to learning and unlearning at every step of our journey. We recognize that there are multiple understandings of feminism and we believe that:

Feminism builds an inclusive space for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, age, ability, religion, economic status, class, citizenship, etc. Our membership will be reflective and representative of the diversity of the organizations who work to advance gender equality in Canada. 

Feminism calls for disrupting ongoing colonialism, unequal economic systems and oppressive norms. It is our shared responsibility to dismantle the systems that hold people back and create the conditions to ensure that this happens. We will use our power and privilege to challenge oppressive norms and structures, systemic injustices and knowledge systems to amplify and re-centre those who have been historically pushed into the margins and silenced. We will learn and listen to their stories and experiences, and our collective power will forge a new path forward.

Feminism is intersectional. It amplifies diverse voices and centres non-colonial and non-dominant ways of knowing and being. We are a network built on partnerships and a space where authentic, meaningful connections thrive. We encourage non-hierarchical cooperation with a focus on participatory dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity strengthening. In partnership, we believe we have the ability to move mountains, eliminate barriers and smash the patriarchy.

The Equal Futures Network will aspire to uphold these feminist values in all the work that we do. We will be a space that strives to inspire, uplift and support our communities. We will not become complacent in our journey to achieve a more gender just world. We commit to continually engage throughout our journey to be better listeners, better learners and better partners to our membership. In solidarity.

*When we refer to women we are referring to women in all their diversity

The Equal Futures Network acknowledges that Indigenous people are the traditional guardians of Turtle Island, on the land also known as Canada

Read our full Territory Acknowledgment here.